2777 Magical NFT Art Pieces That Come To Life

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Each Magical Mutts NFT is Powered by AR and Comes with a Physical Canvas or Artisan Print Version.

NFT + AR + Physical

Each NFT Comes with a Physical Twin

An NFT even normies will appreciate. All NFTs come with 1 redeemable voucher so you can claim a collectible magical art piece shipped to your home or office. These art pieces will also come with an Ownership Provenance living on the blockchain and a certificate of authenticity from our partner Kaleido. 

Stretched Canvas
18” × 18”
1145 available
22” × 22”
845 available
32” × 32”
589 available
40” × 40”
218 available

Stretched Canvas

18″ x 18″

1145 Available

22″ x 22″

845 Available

32″ x 32″

589 Available

40″ x 40″

218 Available

Each NFT has a randomly generated IRL canvas type and size trait

We have removed our artisan print option because we felt it didn’t do justice to the quality that went into creating these NFTs and instead are giving everyone a Stretched Canvas! The stretched canvas is wrapped around a wooden frame and comes ready to be hung. Worldwide shipping is included.

These countries are excluded from worldwide shipping: China, Japan, India, Russia, Maldives, North Korea, United Arab Emirates. All physical prints will come with a will receive a digital certificate of authenticity upon registration to Kaleido. Instructions will be included when you receive your physical piece. For more details about Kaleido and their NFT airdrop please ask in Discord.


Magical Mutts is a collection of 2777 NFTs. Our Pledge Minting is open! This is the cheapest you will be able to get a Magical Mutt for. Get in before they’re gone! You need a wizard role in our Discord, so join up and grab one!


Pre-Sale (PledgeMint)
0.099 ETH
Public Sale
0.133 ETH

Minting is now live! Bulk discounts will be available for public mint that can bring the mint cost down to 0.12 ETH / NFT. 10% of the primary sale will be distributed to $DUMBLE Token holders. A percentage of all secondary sales will go to $DUMBLE Holders as well.

Try it Out

We have partnered with Kaleido, a blockchain startup pioneering technology that helps artists turn their current work into Augmented Reality experiences. Download the Kaleido App and try out the AR on one of our backgrounds!

First, download the Kaleido app and then try out the AR on one of our backgrounds

(View on Desktop for AR experience)


The Magical Mutts mint will take place on Ethereum



OG Dumbledoge Presale - All funds will be used for marketing

Magical Mutts Mint on Ethereum

Physical Twin Claim Portal


Bonus NFT - All Magical Mutts holders will get a free PFP on Polygon

Kaleido Digital Certificates of Authenticity for Physical Art Pieces



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Artwork – MattIsWithDrawn

Augmented Reality – Kaleido




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